• Thyme Cookie
    This Cookie is made and used by Americans at Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The ingredients of this cookie include sour lemon juice, grated lemon peel, fresh thyme, melted butter and flour. The sour lemon juice, fresh thyme and grated lemon peel in this cookie cause it to have a […]
  • Black Forest
    Black forest cake is one of the most delicious and famous cakes in Germany. This type of cake is made of several layers of chocolate and cream. Black Forest is also very special and popular which the chocolate on the cake tempts everyone. Delicious Black Forest cake is fine as […]
  • Crepe
    Crepe is a very popular and tasty type of bread that has different varieties for different meals. This bread has recipe like pancake, with a little differences such as being thinner and looser, which sets them apart. Crepe is considered in the category of breads and can be eaten besides […]
  • Tiramisu
    Tiramisu is one of the most delicious and famous Italian desserts. It can be made with the least raw materials at home. It is very easy to make. Tiramisu contained sugar so it is not recommended to the people suffering from diabetes. If you use honey instead of sugar, you […]
  • Yogurt Cake
    The simplest cake with the most available ingredients in most homes is nothing but yogurt cake. You can use either strained yogurt or sweet one to bake this cake. Yogurt cakes have flexible recipe because you can use a little cocoa, chocolate or even coffee in it. Yogurt taste is […]
  • What is Gata Bread?
    Gata Bread is one of the fancy Types of bread which has attracted many fans today. This kind of bread is one of the famous ones of Armenia and is known as the Armenian Gata Bread. It is filled with nutrients like walnut and raisin which you can eat them […]